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Top 5: Fundraising Resources

March 18, 2016


Fundraising is a burning platform for many support organisations: what resources to signpost Social Entrepreneurs to, what opportunities to keep eyes on yourselves. Here are five places to look online: no silver bullets, but let us know if you find them helpful – or if we’ve missed out a site you think we should include.

Fundraising resources for members

  • Bond is a network of UK International Development organisations and regularly publishes funding calls
  • brings multiple different opportunities together into one site. You can filter by  theme and by country. A very useful way to see what funding calls are appropriate for your organisation. They also regularly produce new resources and you can catch it all if you sign up for the newsletter.
  • Foundation Centre is very well established and a great place to find grantmakers and useful tools too.  One such tool is Foundation Maps – try out the free trial for an up-to-date picture of who is funding what around the world. A bit more specific than fundsforngos, this tool lets you add filter upon filter, so that you can view results according to region + theme + amount + keyword as you choose.
  • Asian members might wish to register at to get access to 150 Asia-specific funds. There’s a weekly newsletter too.
  • Beehive is very new and the international aspect is there though still growing. But there’s a smart principle behind it. Beehive takes the pain out of eligibility criteria: you enter your details – as detailed as you want – and they tell you about funders you are eligible for.

Fundraising tips, tricks and recommendations

concept note infographic

This short piece is intended to direct you to some resources you mightn’t be aware of – and to generate some discussion around fundraising too.

Next week we’ll be looking at platforms to find investors – send us in any suggestions you might have.


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