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Top 5: Crowdfunding sites

April 14, 2016

social enterprise crowdfunding

A while back we looked at some places to find funding online (refresh your memory here and here). This week we thought we’d round that out with a look at some websites for crowdfunding – the buzzword in online funding.

The classics – great for a creative or product-based offering:

  • Indiegogo’s mission is to help creative and entrepreneurial ideas get the funding they need to start. Start a project from any country where paypal works.
  • Kickstarter is broadly similar, although the eligible countries are more restrictive.
  • But there are plenty of sites out there, each with specific pros and cons. Do your research first – here are some tips for choosing (it talks about Kickstarter and Indiegogo but the issues are valid more broadly).

These two are targeted specifically at SEs:

  • Kiva lets entrepreneurs (especially from the developing world) crowdsource microloans from all around the world.
  • Babyloan has a similar approach, and claims to be the European leader in interest-free lending to micro-entrepreneurs in 15 developing countries around the world.

There are also some donation-based sites, that could be of value for some SEs, especially at the early stage:

  • Generosity is Indiegogo’s cause-oriented ‘platform for human goodness’. Fundraisers with a human interest angle tend to do well.
  • Crowdrise is more focused on attracting donations for events. Individuals can register fundraisers internationally, but charities have to be registered in the US or Canada. (also they have a cute picture of a Napkin).

Lastly, Make it Rain is a new and useful guide put together by JustGiving, Social Misfits Media and the Institute of Fundraising. Complete with inspiration, insights and case studies, it’s got a bit of everything for anyone looking to build a successful crowdfunding campaign.

A lot of GSEN members use incubation methods to support members – next week we plan to draw out some of the learnings from the recent GALI report on what’s working in startup acceleration, as well as bringing out some other research done on the topic.


Got a topic you’d like us to cover, or a crowdfunding platform you think we should include? Let us know!

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