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Impact Unpacked – De Stuyverij, Belgium

August 9, 2017

De Stuyverij & Sociale Innovatie Fabriek

Our Impact Unpacked series tells the stories of social ventures around the world and how they are being supported by members of the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network. De Stuyverij is a community venue and flexible workspace for anyone with a project of a social or creative nature, or for parents who are self-employed or work from home.

The social venture and its impact

For local residents, this Kortrijk community centre is a place that inspires, activates and connects. Everybody is welcome at the sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays to do something, learn and have fun together. At the same time, De Stuyverij is developing into an urban or citizens’ laboratory, where local people, businesses and government bodies meet. Ideas and good practices for social entrepreneurship and social innovation are germinated in the attractive and generous living space. Focus is laid on intergenerational and intercultural learning and visitors are able to develop ideas together through business coaching and workshops.

De Stuyverij also offers excellent flexible workspaces for anyone with a project with a social or creative flavour, or for parents who are self-employed or work from home. Local residents and other visitors devise socially innovative ideas, such as solidarity-based care, alternative currencies, or activities in the local parks. They are able to develop these further together through workshops, experiments, discussions, brainstorming sessions and projects, and are coached by professionals from the business world.

With the city of Kortrijk, the social economy and private companies, De Stuyverij is working to ensure that the community centre – in addition to the rental income it earns – has an economically sustainable future.

GSEN member support

The Social Innovation Factory helped De Stuyverij in the design of their impact driven business model, connecting them to an ever-growing network providing financing, pro bono consultancy and new partnerships. Social Innovation Factory also helps them articulate their impact in new and creative ways and gain media exposure in the process. Today, they are scaling up to have a presence in three other cities in Flanders.

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