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Connecting African startups to global opportunities

October 18, 2017


CcHUB PitchDrive, sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs, is an initiative to showcase Africa’s innovations to the world, taking it one continent at a time. At Co-creation HUB Nigeria (CcHUB), the team is dedicated to accelerating
the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity and the PitchDrive tour was another avenue to do that.

Over the past 5 years, Africa’s tech ecosystem has played host to investors from Silicon Valley and Europe. Whilst this yielded some positive outcomes and roused interest of the international market, it has not done enough for the local tech ecosystem. With PitchDrive however, CcHUB chose the reverse approach, embarking on an adventure to connect African startups to global opportunities in Europe.

The selected startups for PitchDrive covered a wide spectrum of verticals ranging from Fintech, Edtech, Health, E-Commerce, Fashion and Smart Mobility from 8 countries across Africa. The selected startups include, Kudobuzz: Ghana, Ongair: Kenya, Gebeya: Kenya/Ethiopia, Piggybank, Gloo, Prepclass, Tradedepot, Lifebank, Fashpa: Nigeria, Firefly media: Senegal, GoMetro: South Africa, ClinicMaster: Uganda,:  BitFinance and Real food: Zimbabwe.

CcHub’s long standing partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs was an instrumental catalyst to being able to pull the PitchDrive tour off as they immediately had access to willing partners in the network for each city i.e. London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich and Paris to help with planning and organising of events. Beyond the host partners, CcHUB leveraged their extensive network to involve other partners like Helios Investment Partners, Omidyar Network, Facebook, Jumia etc in these cities.

In each city, startups made connections with a pool of investors and established mutually beneficial business partnerships. These connections facilitated incredible outcomes including the London office launch of one of the selected 14 startups, Gebeya and the ICO launch of Golix formerly BitFinance. In addition, CcHUB recorded strong leads on investments across 8 start-ups who are currently undergoing due diligence. All 14 startups are in partnership discussions with companies they met on the tour.

Overall, the PitchDrive tour emphasised the limitless opportunities in Africa and should play a significant role in bridging the gap between these opportunities and the international market.


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