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A GSEN member supporting social entrepreneurs in China

NPI (Non-Profit Incubator) is a cluster of intermediary agencies supporting the emerging third sector in China. It was founded in 2006 to address an issue: the non-profit sector had difficulty finding support and resources despite offering services in high demand. NPI created a specialised program, providing support to newly established, early stage civil society organisations, NGOs and social enterprises.

Since then NPI has become one of the largest and most influential domestic NGOs in China, operating in 21 cities across four regions. The support NPI provides has evolved and scaled, and its success has led it to be adapted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and replicated by other incubators. NPI works through many programs, including a start-up training platform, an accelerator and partnerships with universities, colleges. It also provides consultancy services and advice to other incubators and philanthropists.

Mr. Alan Wang, co-founded Be Better Education, which benefited from incubation by NPI 6 years ago. Since then, with some continued support from NPI, Be Better Education have provided economic citizenship education to half million underprivileged children. 4 months ago, Be Better Education got accepted in NPI’s accelerator program which will help them achieve their ambitious goal of providing services to more than 50 million Children and Youth in next 5 years.

NPI brings to the network great skills and competencies from many years as an incredible ecosystem builder, who have good experience working closely with the government and a wide range of corporate and non-profit organizations.


"We think support organisations for early stage social entrepreneurs globally are lacking communication with and are neglected by mainstream donors/ investors. Sharing and communication among supporting organisations is also far from enough. We joined GSEN because is just the answer to those challenges."


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