Our projects

We collaborate with GSEN members and partners to design and deliver a range of projects which make a difference for early stage social entrepreneurs.

Key projects

GSEN social enterprise Africa

Strengthening Social Entrepreneurship Support in Africa

By mapping, connecting and convening intermediaries across Africa, our initiative aims to improve the effectiveness and reach of organisations supporting social entrepreneurs in Africa.

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global social entrepreneurs

The Best Place to be a Social Entrepreneur

This first of its kind research is a collaboration between GSEN, UnLtd, Deutsche Bank and the Thomson Reuters Foundation to discover the best countries to be a social entrepreneur. Our unique poll surveyed 900 experts from 44 of the world’s largest economies. View the full results here.

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scaling social enterprises

Scaling Handbook for Practitioners

In 2015/16 GSEN, in partnership with the German Development Agency GIZ (working on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development), created a step-by-step handbook to help inclusive businesses achieve scale

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young social entrepreneurs


Our European Learning for Youth in Social Entrepreneurship (ELYSE) project harnessed the knowledge of social entrepreneurship experts across Europe. The result is a toolkit that sets out our findings into the best ways to support young social entrepreneurs.

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GSEN Talent Project

Talent and Social Entrepreneur Supporters

GSEN dived into the issue of talent within the social impact sector in order to explore the various challenges of attracting, retaining and developing talent. We have collated a diversity of perspectives to demonstrate how different organisations deal with the topic of talent.

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