GSEN in Latin America

With new members joining GSEN from across the whole world we want to put a new and important focus on Latin America.

Our Passion

…is to see a continent that is thriving and alive with talented, diverse social entrepreneurs and a supportive ecosystem of successful partners. Latin America already sees the highest early stage entrepreneurial activity around the globe, although its surrounding support systems are as yet underdeveloped to help them evolve through the entrepreneurial pipeline (GEM, 2016).

By connecting resources and working together through our worldwide network, we believe that we can provide better support through our partners for social enterprises to take momentum through the region. Find out how we are ‘Supporting the Supporters’ of social entrepreneurs in this diverse and intriguing region of the world. Get profiles of our growing membership in the region. Receive updates via GSEN’s regular newsletters and a brand new blog based here to learn more and stay in touch.

*Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). (2016). Special Topic Report Social Entrepreneurship.

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Case Study | Socialab

Since 2011, Socialab has contributed to detect, promote and generate the adoption of solutions for social challenges to shape a better world through entrepreneurship and open innovation. They shed light on collaboration across sectors, what they call ‘open innovation‘, to support early stage ideas as they believe by accelerating collaboration and integrating methodologies and technological tools, risks will be mitigated and innovation is likely to occur. Socialab currently works in Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Mexico and Uruguay and aims to expand their hubs globally across 2017.

Socialab provides a wide range of services to early-stage and early-growth social entrepreneurs who get inspired, supported and ready for growth. This support includes pre-incubation and acceleration programs called Open Innovation Challenges. They have also developed an Open Innovation Platform (IPA), workshops, bootcamps, specialised mentoring, co-operative working space and seed capital.

One of their main programs: the Open Innovation Challenge is the R&D department of Socialab, rich in innovative tools and methodologies working with entrepreneurs to identify real social problems and refine their solutions in a disruptive way across all kinds of themes. Having accumulated most of its R&D experience and know-how over many years, Socialab has developed and provided an Open Innovation Platform (PIA), which allows the receipt, centralisation, management and evaluation of innovative ideas or projects through a bespoke piece of software. It truly has become a phenomenon, with 494,854 creators (applicants), who have participated with 44,480 ideas listed from 96 countries up to 22nd of August 2017.

Socialab runs these open innovation calls to maximise the potential of ideas and technology as a tool to solve our most pressing social challenges based on a belief that ideas become valuable when implemented. Anyone can be an action-taker to help build a better civil society.


"Our membership of GSEN has been a great opportunity to open up new networks - especially across Europe. Now, only the sky is the limit !"


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Exciting news of an upcoming event in Latin America is coming soon!

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