Strengthening social entrepreneurship support in Africa

Increasing capacity and connectivity among social entrepreneur support organisations

By mapping, connecting and convening intermediaries across Africa, our initiative aims to improve the effectiveness and reach of organisations supporting social entrepreneurs in Africa. Our regional, expert-led workshops are enabling supporters to be better connected to others across Africa, whilst our network of peer organisations creates opportunities to access ongoing learning from a global community.

GSEN social enterprise Africa

GSEN has worked closely with our members and local partners Reach for Change Ghana, Yunus Social Business and LifeCo UnLtd South Africa to design a project which will deliver an impactful and meaningful contribution to the ecosystem in Africa. There are two key stages to our approach:

Learning Workshop in Accra, Ghana

In October 2016 the GSEN Learning Workshop, in partnership with Reach for Change Ghana, set out to identify, upskill and connect leading African social entrepreneur organisations. Our scoping exercise enabled us to reach out to more than 60 potential participants.

With representatives from Ghana, Tanzania, Chad, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, Mali, Rwanda, Uganda, Tunisia, Sierra Leone and more, the GSEN Learning Workshop, hosted by partners Reach for Change, brought many intermediaries together for the first time. This unique experience has already sparked new connections, collaborations and friendships.

Find out more about the event outcomes here and look our for our mapping report with useful listings on those leading African social entrepreneur organisations.

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GSEN Annual Event in South Africa

Between 6-10 March, GSEN and our local partner LifeCo UnLtd South Africa are holding a series of events for GSEN members, new participants from Africa and wider stakeholders. We begin the week in Cape Town with closed sessions for GSEN members and new joiners from the continent for focused conversations and peer-learning to catapult our global network to the next stage.

The week culminates on Friday 10 March at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg. The GSEN Annual Event will host local, national and global stakeholders for a conversation about how to strengthen and sustain the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa and beyond.

Click the image below for more information and registration for this milestone event.

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